The Brand Audit

A customized piece of juicy goodness for your business’ soul. This audit has left many before you shouting words of excitement, that we “figured it all out” or “found direction” or “made my idea come to life”. Customized brand audits provide clarity, ideation, direction, decision-making, strategic shifts, and so much more for your business. Whether we are creating your brand from the ground up or re-working what you have already put into place, you won’t be sorry you took the time to work ON your business.

Starts at $1200. Consists of a touch of prep, followed by an audit session, followed by some awe-inspiring review and results.

The Hourly

A straight forward approach to bringing in an outside consultant for input, project management, directing vendors and team members on implementation, strategic processing, and additional consulting needs.

Hourly rate is $150. Consists of expectations set together.